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The Proven Method to Push Through the Barriers that are Holding You Back From Your True Potential!

Are you constantly challenged with fear, doubt, indecision and procrastination for the #1 most important thing that would make the biggest difference in your life right now?  

You know you need to do this. You have the desire and you know some of what you need to do, and yet... you're not doing it.

You have this burning desire to accomplish something that will make a huge impact in your life and in your family. You know this is something that is constantly on your heart and on your mind. In fact, you often lose sleep over it. It's something you so very much want to have happen, but every day that passes very little progress is made and the frustration starts to build. The fear of failure, the doubt of your capabilities and execution of getting your desired results. The indecision of what to do next. Your inaction and procrastination are paralyzing. You keep waiting for the perfect time when you "feel" like it. When all your ducks are in a row. When all the areas of your life are perfectly handled, so that you can finally tackle this this one big awesome thing.

And yet, the ducks are never in a row. New challenges pop up every day unexpectedly. You're never quite in the right mood to take action. Because your excitement for what goodness this could bring into your life turns into frustration, exhaustion and discontentment. It still seems so far away and you're not progressing at the pace you anticipated. And thus the deep sense of failure and self disgust plague you until you can't take it anymore. Something has to be done before you explode.

Well, I've got the tool for you! I've got the tool that will help you to take the first big step towards obliterating your fear. A tool that boosts your confidence to new heights it's never been to before, builds you up with the courage to take consistent positive action, and consistently helps you blow right through that doubt and procrastination. So you can finally follow through on the promises that you made to yourself about moving that "big important thing" forward that you keep saying you're going to move forward, and ultimately experience a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

Of course, this is something that you needed yesterday, so don't wait a second more. 

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What You'll Get With the Audio Toolkit:

  • Confidence Boosting Audio Track
    Listening to this powerful audio daily will help you crush every barrier that's holding you back. Listen to it anywhere!
  • BONUS: Confidence Power Card
    The companion to the audio track, this set of phrases & affirmations is a powerful tool to help amplify your results.
  • Regular Check Ins
    I'm not going to leave you hanging! I'll be checking in with you on a regular basis with you via email. I want to make sure I'm giving you my best stuff to help you grow.
  • BONUS: Power Morning Checklist 
    Run through this simple but super effective checklist each morning to set yourself up for success. (this is the exact same routine I use every day)

What Others Are Saying:

Marney Lukanc 

"Valerie is an extraordinary person with a remarkable talent to bring forth your inner most secrets and desires. When I met Valerie my life was good and I thought that's all I needed. But working with Valerie and finding Some inner strength I realized I can be GREAT! She has given me the tools to become a remarkable person for my family for my friends and in my business. I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed life as much as I have been enjoying these past few months with Valerie being my coach. She has shown me how to conquer the roadblocks that get in the way of my goals. She's my prayer sent from God!"

Arlene Troyer

""A year ago I was unhappy, always depressed. The best thing I've done for myself is joining Coach Valerie's coaching program. I am now much healthier, stronger, less depressed about things, have more energy, sleep better at night, no back pain & no sciatica. I even started going to church again. I've lost over 30 pounds and I'm never going back to my old ways again. I'm a totally new person. Just PUSH yourself to do something, ANYTHING! It's worth it!"

Shelly Barrington

"Working with Valerie has affected my personal growth in so many ways it's hard to count! When I first started working with her I had very little confidence and leadership skills, but through daily personal development, working out, and keeping my food plan in check, I was able to overcome obstacles that were holding me back. I learned that I needed to write down my goals and revisit them daily by using power cards and listening to personal development recordings. I've worked on calendar planning and becoming a calendar king because if you want to be successful, you have to be the king of your own calendar! On top of that my business growth has shot up immensely! I started at the bottom and now because of the leadership skills I've learned, I have a team under me that is flourishing, and I've become a shareholder within my company. Valerie has given me so much in two years that it's hard to imagine my life without her! Thank you Valerie for the true leadership, guidance, friendship, and love that makes me the new improved person I am today!!!"

Valerie Waugaman-Gal

Valerie Waugaman-Gal

“SIREN” from NBC’S American Gladiators

3-time IFBB Champion

Author & Keynote Speaker

Fitness & Performance Coach

About Valerie & FITmission

FITmission is a personal transformation company with the goal of educating and inspiring adults and children around the world to reach their full potential in life through mental, physical, and spiritual fitness.

Valerie believes in the FITmission Life Cycle which begins by Inspiring you to expand your current state of well-being and personal performance; to dream HUGE! Then Educating you on how to take your life to the next level, and Equipping you with the tools necessary for transformation. She commits to Supporting you through the process of transformation until you reach your intended goal. Valerie believes in Empowering you to stand on your own and step into your new body and lifestyle. Before you get comfortable, she will inspire you once again to start Evolving humanity by inspiring others or "paying it forward" to the next person for positive change.

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